Windows 10 Camera not Working, Windows 10 Webcam not working, [12 Easy Ways] Fixed

If Your Camera or a Webcam is not working in your computer, there are several reason; some of the steps are mentioned bellow:

Method 1- Right Click on Start icon in your PC > Click on Privacy > Left side Choose Camera > on Right side Enable Camera Access to device and Apps if it is Disabled.
Method 2- Right Click on This PC or My Computer > Choose Manage > Choose Device Manager > on Right side Click on Camera or Imaging Devices >  There is a drop down arrow, click on that > Choose integrated or external webcam which ever has issue > Right Click on It > 1. Update driver and check if problem fixed 2. Disable and Enable again, check if problem fixed 3. Scan for the Hardware Change, check if problem fixed 4. Uninstall and install again, check if problem fixed 
Method 3- If you are using Camera or Webcam in any Application, then open that particular application > go to settings > choose video or webcam option somewhere in settings > there you select your…

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How to Password Protect PDF on macOS 10.15

It is also known as encrypting a document. It is a security procedure that safeguards data and information available in computers that is confidential and requires regulation of who to access it. It involves creating a code and locking a document. Access to information contained in the locked document is restricted to those who have the passcode. 

PDF is a manageable document which can be downloaded and printed. It is a file format that is used across all platforms making them popular.  In this digital period, they have substituted paperwork since they can easily be transferred from one person to another using flash disks and online platforms. Some of these documents may contain confidential information like organization finances, images or personal details, which may raise security issues like blackmailing and stealing of identify if left open to the public. This is the main reason as to why we need to password protect documents and PDFs on Mac and other platforms. The other reason to securea PDF with a password on Mac is to maintain its original content and format.

Best Protect Tool to Encrypt PDF with Password on Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a great software that can be used to create, protect and arrange your documents. It has become one of commonly used and preferred document software owing to its advanced features, flexible prices, and perfect performance. PDFelement for Mac offers full control of your work on editing and modifying with its custom tools without forgetting its easy-to-use interface. To password protect documents and PDFs on mac with sensitive information, PDFelement for Mac provides viablesecurity with its 256-bit AES password encryption.

Key Features:
The following are the main features of PDFelement for Mac
·       It adds watermarks, backgrounds, headers, and footers to documents
·       Password Protection of documentsand Securing and Signing of PDF Files
·       Powerful editing, Redaction and data extraction (for extraction of a Page from a whole document) tools.
·       Creates fillable forms
·       Converting files in Batches and Making PDF from Files       
·       Merging a PDF from Many Files, Numbering of Bates and Splitting of PDFs
·       Checking and correcting spellings and Inputting annotations and comments
·       Conversion of PDFs, Recognition of optical character and Autofiting Texts
·       Creation of forms and PDF in Batches in one-click.
·       It has ready to use templates.

How to Password protecting a PDF document in Mac using PDFelement for Mac

Step 1: Open File on PDFelement for Mac
i. On the screen, click the "Open File" button
ii. Select the specific file you want to be protected

Step 2: Protect PDFs on Mac with Password
     i.          Click “File” on the top toolbar
   ii.          Click the “Protect" button
  iii.          On the drop-down sub-menu, click the "Encrypt with Password".

Step 3. Set a Password to Protect PDF Document Mac
             i.          set an open password in the pop-up window and enter a strong password  if you want to protect it from being opened
           ii.          On the other hand, if you restricting the PDF from alteration or copying, select the "Permissions" choice to set a permission password.
         iii.          Click on "OK".
          iv.          To save the PDF file, click on “Save”

If the process was prosperous, a passcode prompt screen will appear when you try to open the PDF. This is an assured sign that your document has been password protected securing it from unauthorized parties. After that, try to key in the set password and enjoy the privacy of the created PDF.

Part 3: How to Password Protect a PDF on Mac

When there is need to password protect a PDF on Mac, do not go for the option of buying costly software in the market like Adobe Acrobat which need to be downloaded.

With Mac OS X, you are covered since it offers inbuilt tools which can originally secure PDFs with password on Mac. The built-in tools are free to use and remarkably easy.

The following are the inbuilt encryption tools found in Mac; Preview app, Disk Utility, TextEdit, Printing Option that can password protect documents and PDFs on mac. These tools have different features where some are powerful while others are not owing to the various ways they can protect documents.

This is the best free tool on Mac that can be used secure PDFs.

The Reasons as to why Preview APP is considered the best tool to password protect pdf on mac are as follows:
a)     It is available in all models of Mac
b)     It is free since it is pre-installed in Mac
c)      It is capable of opening many documents with different formats
d)     It can easily secure a PDF file with password in just few steps
e)     It offers basic editing options

The following are steps showing how to password protect a PDF on Macusing Preview

Step 1:
i.          Open Preview app
ii.          Click on the File menu in the far upper-left corner and then select Open.
iii.          After it opens, decide the PDF document to be password protected.
iv.          Open the folder from where it is saved.

Step 2.
On finishing editing of the PDF file which you want to be password protected
       i.          Go back and again click the "File menu" on the tools bar
     ii.          From the drop-down menu appearing select "Export".
    iii.          In the "Export as", type the name of your document

    iv.          Below there is a section on "Encrypt" - check the box on the left of Encrypt
      v.          Enter your well-thought password in the space provided below.
    vi.          Verify your password when prompted to. Select “Save”

Be very keen to have your passcode somewhere very safe of make a password you will be able to remember easily. This is because once it is lost you will have lost your document

It is important to always create a strong password which includes characters, numbers, and symbols. This is to ensure that no intruder can figure out your password. Preview and PDFelement for Mac makes it straightforward to add password to your documents.

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