Why do we need VPN | best VPN for Android | Fire TV stick | What is VPN

10 Reason Why You should use VPN

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

When you use VPN your network will be virtualized and public IP address of the network will be changed, even you can change your public IP address manually to different geographic location.

After you use VPN, the network one you will use will be virtual network. 

It is not the real network, even if anyone tracks your IP they will not be able to reach you and your system because virtual network are one with the IP and Location different from the Original IP and Location, it is Virtualized one both location and IP, it acts like it is real but it is not real IP and Location.

Finally it has lots of Advantages.

It secures your internet connection.

It keeps Zero log files. Whatever you use, whatever you browse, whatever you download, it does not keep any tracked history.

You can un-block the World Wide Web; you can access all the geo- restricted link and website.

You can protect your privacy and use internet anonymously.

You will be safe while using internet (public IP), safe from hackers and all other people who want to tack you for some reason.

You can access all Kodi add-ons and protect all kodi add-ons, it will give you access to all the content in all kodi add-ons that is Geo restricted.

You can encrypt all the network and device.

You can protect your data and information.

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how to setup VPN for all Kodi Addons, Include & Exclude Addons

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Repo II to install VPN: http://troypoint.com/repo/

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