Windows 10 Camera not Working, Windows 10 Webcam not working, [12 Easy Ways] Fixed

If Your Camera or a Webcam is not working in your computer, there are several reason; some of the steps are mentioned bellow:

Method 1- Right Click on Start icon in your PC > Click on Privacy > Left side Choose Camera > on Right side Enable Camera Access to device and Apps if it is Disabled.
Method 2- Right Click on This PC or My Computer > Choose Manage > Choose Device Manager > on Right side Click on Camera or Imaging Devices >  There is a drop down arrow, click on that > Choose integrated or external webcam which ever has issue > Right Click on It > 1. Update driver and check if problem fixed 2. Disable and Enable again, check if problem fixed 3. Scan for the Hardware Change, check if problem fixed 4. Uninstall and install again, check if problem fixed 
Method 3- If you are using Camera or Webcam in any Application, then open that particular application > go to settings > choose video or webcam option somewhere in settings > there you select your…

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How to Password Protect PDF on macOS 10.15

It is also known as encrypting a document. It is a security procedure that safeguards data and information available in computers that is confidential and requires regulation of who to access it. It involves creating a code and locking a document. Access to information contained in the locked document is restricted to those who have the passcode.

PDF is a manageable document which can be downloaded and printed. It is a file format that is used across all platforms making them popular.In this digital period, they have substituted paperwork since they can easily be transferred from one person to another using flash disks and online platforms. Some of these documents may contain confidential information like organization finances, images or personal details, which may raise security issues like blackmailing and stealing of identify if left open to the public. This is the main reason as to why we need to password protect documents and PDFs on Mac and other platforms. The other reason to se…

Gmail Dark mode for Android iPhone and iPad | how to enable and disable

Dark mode and light mode is available in gmail. you can change from light mode to dark mode in gmail now.

Currently it is available only for android 10 (Android device version Q or later). You can go to setting and check if you are using Android device version Q or later you can change to dark mode; for that follow the instruction bellow from google support:
Currently you have three option to choose for iOS 13.
1. Dark Theme
2. Light Theme
3. System Theme

If you are using iOS 11 or iOS 12 you have 2 option to choose.
1. Dark Theme
2. Light Theme

how to change; follow the instruction bellow from google support:

Fore More info and update:

Keypad shortcut for accessing internal features of android smartphone

Samsung Android Phone (You can try for several other phone also; codes are similar for most phone)


SAR Level

USB settings

Test software function like vibration, melody, Bluetooth, camera, speaker etc.


Service Mode

Service Mode

service Mode

*#0283# Loopback Test
General Phone Test Mode

MI Phone(You can try for several other phone also; codes are similar for most phone)
*#*#4636#*#*   Phone and WiFi Information

Hardware Test
*#*#1111#*#*   Charge and Battery Status
*#*#2222#*#*   SN
*#06#  Mobile equipment identification (IMEI)

Calendar Info

FCM Diagnostics
Nokia Phone(You can try for several other phone also; codes are similar for most phone)
*#06#    Mobile equipment identification (IMEI)
SAR Level

*#*#4636#*#*   Phone and WiFi Information

Service Mode

iPhone(You can try for several other phone also; codes are similar for most phone…

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