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Best Android TV Box 2018 | Best Kodi Box 2018

Best Android TV Box 2018 | Best Kodi Box 2018 | Best TV Box for Kodi

Best TV Box to buy (under construction)

Best TV Box Based on High Configuration (under construction)

TV Box with Best GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) ( (under construction)

Best TV Box at Low Price(under construction)

Arm Processor (Amlogic Processor, Rockchip Processor based on Arm Processor Design)

TV Box CPU is arranged from Top to Bottom in Table below. Latest, New, Powerful CPU is on the Top in a chart, gradually other CPU below based on performance.

CPU (Central Processing Unit of TV Box)
It is High-Performance CPU Based on DynamIQ. It will give you laptop-class performance with mobile efficiency.
It is High Performance Split-Lock DynamIQ CPU. It gives you highest levels of safety with Split-Lock capability which includes the ability for Dual Core Lock-Step (DCLS).
It is DynamIQ-Based High-Performance CPU. It provides the processing capability to run demanding artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, while providing a new baseline for even more complex workloads.
It gives you Sustained Performance for Mobile Processing. It will give you highest performance in the Arm low-power architecture.
It is Fast Processing processor designed for Mobile. It is Appropriate to mobile applications.

It is Reliable and High-Performance Processor. It supports a wide range of applications that require high-performance processing combined with power efficiency.

It is most powerful and efficient Mid-Range Processor.

It is used by most of the TV Box widely, It is High-End Processor. It will give you high performance even if power is controlled.

It is smallest processor for Power Efficiency. It is ultra-high efficiency smart home processor. It is 32-bit and 64-bit application processor.

It is a low-power 32-bit processor with ultra-high efficiency.

It is suitable for smart TV and a variety of home consumer appliances.

It is a powerful processor designed for a wide range of 32-bit applications that require high performance, with the advantages of power-efficient architecture.

This processor is for low-power, cost-sensitive, 32-bit devices that require competitive performance.

It is for those devices that require balance between power and performance.

It is for applications that require virtual memory management for high-level operating systems within a low-power, low-area profile.

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