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DroidAdmin | FileLinked | Codes | FireStick | Android | Download DroidAdmin | FileLinked

What is DroidAdmin or FileLinked?

DroidAdmin or FileLinked is the Bulk Tool where you can create your own app store and access the app store in your device with the 8 digits code and you can install application in your device easily.

DroidAdmin with all the codes for app store

download droidadmin

In order to download DroidAdmin APK/ FileLinked APk Click here or Click here

You can even create your own app store at DroidAdmin/FileLinked Website.

In order to Create own DroidAdmin/FileLinked code and store of APK Click here or Click here

FileLinked APK is the New Name and New updated Version of DroidAdmin APK

FileLinked APK

In order to download FileLinked APK Click here or  Click here

You can try the same list of code for DroidAdmin and FileLinked APK in order to access an App Store.

DroidAdmin is available for Amazon Fire TV Stick/ Fire TV

DroidAdmin is available for all the Android Devices

You can look for your favorite apps in the DroidAdmin Apps Store, You can access DroidAdmin Free Apps Store by using the code bellow, and you can download multiple numbers of apps from app store at a time easily in single click.

List of codes bellow has huge list of application in their Store. DroidAdmin apps store codes are 8 digit codes bellow.

List of FileLinked Apps Store Code from FileLinked APK Web Click here or check bellow

List of Codes
IPTV APK’s Codes: 76408176
80409018 (Kodi 18 APK)
Superdell’s Wow Factor Codes: 98224819
Top 10 APKs for Firestick: 40101026
Doug’s Droidadmin Store: 16553983
5 Best APKs for Firestick: 91298970
Newtech Amazon store: 22222222
Cb74 Droidadmin Store: 83319464
Mega Store Code: 63713299
Joe’s App Store: 38069272
Apps on your Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV: 76705196
Lite List Store Code: 26078296
Awesome PVR apps: 87868941
Faulks Tech Full App Store: 90430852
Market Store Codes: 38266113
Free Movie and TV show apps: 76115743






Gears TV



Mouse Toggle


Terrarium TV

Show Box


Note: Please leave a on Message Facebook page with your code if any one want to add apps store code in this page.


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